We put tools in the hands of East African innovators to craft transformative, homegrown technologies.


We make educational, hands-on engineering content accessible to schools in rural Africa by sharing engineering knowledge and resources. 


We provide funds to schools in Africa to purchase local materials so students can experiment in the classroom and invent creatively at home.


Students learn how to create off-the-grid technologies for energy, food, and water. Building homegrown technologies is a beautiful way to serve one’s community.

Technology Guides

We create Technology Guides. Work through the Guide to build new technology devices.

We focus on the technology end-products, and we also provide some introductory design projects for any skill level.

Current Portfolio

Our current portfolio is being prepared for field testing.  It includes wind turbine designs for electricity and zero-electricity coolers for keeping fruits and vegetables fresh.

Have a device or prototype you’d like to see used in villages in East Africa?  Get in touch.